Let’s talk about issues

We have been tracking several issues with 60Hz 4.1 for the past few weeks. We would like to give you a quick update what we are doing to fix it (and what’s taking long!).

60Hz app has a data related issue where some users experience frequent crashes within the app. There are 3 issues here:

  1. CoreData is our data backend within the app. It seems that as users step through multiple schema migrations (the way data is formatted when saved), there are rare occasions which has caused data corruption. There seems to be other apps that has suffered from similar issues with CoreData migrations too.

    We have had 1 user who lost all his data during a migration so far.
  2. There is an issue with iOS 9.0.2 for some users where the app freezes on startup and cannot recover. We test extensively on all versions and we had not seen this before. Unfortunately, this is not something our beta testers picked up.

    We have gotten 6 complaints about this so far.
  3. There is a concurrency issue that causes minor scale crashes for about 8% of 60% users. That’s a very very bad stat for us. This is, again, due to constant changing dataset within the app along with some good ol’ CoreData concurrency issues.

What are we doing about it?

  1. In the last few weeks, we migrated our app backend to a much more reliable framework. We are completely moving away from CoreData to avoid further hiccups on both uncontrollable data corruptions and any concurrency related issues.
  2. Building the app against iOS9 SDK and Swift 2.0.
  3. Writing a migrator to gracefully ferry everyone across to the new database framework.

These are very large changes. We have been working on it for few weeks despite having added new family members recently! This is why the update hasn’t come straight away.

We will start beta testing very soon. We also have UI updates to the app in the pipeline, including a brand new Show Synopsis / season view page.

Thank you for using 60Hz!