60Hz Pricing

We started talking about 60hz 4.0 a while back now. One of the biggest concerns from a small number of you was that you bought the app last year (very few of you bought it this year) and it will be unacceptable to pay for the same functionality twice. We will try to address your concerns here.

The Details

We are debuting 60Hz 4.0 as a brand new universal app.

60Hz will set you back 99 cents if you buy it on the launch day. After that, the price will go up to 3.99. If you bought 3.0 previously, you are paying the difference, i.e. 2.99 (old price) + 0.99 = 3.99.

We’ve discontinued our iPad version of the app and you may have realised that it was pulled from the App Store a while back. Since the new app is universal, we don’t have an upgrade path.

Why should I pay?

There are many many reasons why you should fork out at least 99 cents. Here are a few:

Our goal is to work on great apps full time. If users aren’t willing to pay, then we cannot keep building these apps. There has been a great deal of discussions around sustainable pricing for apps. One off, low price points on apps makes it extremely hard to sustain the level commitment required to make and maintain great apps. This is a big challenge for small time indie developers like us. 

Your sacrifice of a single coffee (or less if you purchase the app on the launch day) will go a long way in supporting us.

We completely rewrote the app in Swift. We took all the learnings from the previous versions of the app and re-engineered the new version. Architecturally, it allows us to provide good updates in the future too. We already have a few turned off features in the app like the Today Widget, which will be released soon after, once we get it perfect.

We redesigned the user experience of the app all over again. We believe it has a much better flow. We took a lot of feedback onboard from our previous releases.

We took the opportunity to address some of the server issues 60Hz suffered from time to time. Trakt is an awesome service. They spend a lot of time and money supporting a FREE API for the community to build apps with. We are doing our part by hosting a bunch of services through a middle-man server of our own. 60Hz server will aggressively cache information about shows etc and save Trakt from 1000s of API calls.

Overtime, we hope to move more traffic through us, giving us much better capabilities to fallback to other means of providing you with functionality that has a hard reliance on Trakt or any other 3rd party service. We are also able to build more awesome value-add services with our own backend as well. Featured Lists will be the first of those items.

Servers, of course, aren't free. We will use your contributions to power the services.

Why should I pay again?

In an ideal world, users should continue to pay for maintenance and upkeep of any product they buy. This is generally the case with all software. Otherwise, there is no incentive to improve the product in any way.

This philosophy is quite different when it comes to buying a physical product like an iPhone, which eventually becomes obsolete and you have to fork out another ~$1000 to get the latest and greatest.

With any product, you pay to buy what is available now. You don't really pay for anything in the future. I'm sure if you dig up Office 97, it still works. However, things get a lot more complicated with service driven software because there is a hard reliance on a backend. This gets even more complicated when the service that backs the software is not provisioned by the same company. And this keeps getting more complicated as outages happen and 3rd parties stop supporting services that were just kept up without a real service-level agreement.

It is definitely harder to conceive the value of software due to its intangible nature. However, the work involved to make software is, by no means, any less. Creating great apps takes time and effort.

Lastly, it should be noted that acquiring new users is hard unless you are a large organisation with a large marketing budget. App makers rely on a constant stream of new acquisitions to go on paying the bills. If there is an app that you regularly engage with, consider making a yearly donation.


We hope this gives you some clarity on pricing and why you should purchase 60Hz.

Thank you for reading.