60Hz Settings


You've probably have noticed that the new 60Hz App has a handful of settings which lets you customise your notifications, main list episode listings and order of episodes. Its a comprehensive list of settings, which may bamboozle you. Well the good news is, that the App will work just fine with the default settings the App ships with. But you can modify these settings to really fine tune the experience you desire with 60Hz.



Time of the day to receive notifications about shows

As the name suggests, this setting controls the hour of the day you will receive notifications about your shows. You can simply press the plus (+) or the minus (-) buttons to adjust the time. I usually set it to 8pm, so that I don't get disturbed by notifications during the day.

Number of days before or after the air date to receive notifications about shows

You can simply set this to delay or expedite your notification about an episode airing on a certain date.


Before we move on to next section, I should perhaps mention this very important point. The main list is designed to show you what you need to watch next from all the shows you have in your library. This is the basis of all your settings in the sections below.

Hide next episodes on the main list which are older than (x) weeks

Say you have a show  that has been airing for a while and its airing its 5th season, but you lost interest in the show after the 3rd season. The main list should say that you need to watch season-4 episode-1 of this show which was aired 11 months ago. But you honestly don’t care about this show anymore, but you have a glimmer of hope that it will get better and still like to know when a new episode airs. Adjust the weeks to ignore anything older than X weeks, so your main list will stop telling you that you need to watch this show.

Hide next episodes on the main list which are (x) weeks in the future

This is plain and simple. If you don’t want to know about an episode airing in 4 months, simply change this value. For example, new season of Homeland is scheduled to be aired in 4 months but I don’t really care about that right now. However, I would like to know about it in 3 months time. So toggle the value to 4 weeks, and Homeland Season 3 episode 1 will disappear from your list for the next 3 months and will pop back in month away from the actual airdate! How sweet is that?

Main list sorting (Alphabetical or Time based)

If you like your next episodes sorted by show name alphabetical order, turn this ON. If not, your main list will be sorted by the date differences of the next episodes air date from today.


You will find that every show you ever watched listed under this section with 3 icons next to them. A clock winding back, a bell and a trash can.


What if you have absolutely no time to watch all the episodes ever aired with Doctor Who, but you like to keep up with the new ones. Turn this mode ON and 60Hz will never nag you about past episodes from Doctor Who. However, it will show any upcoming    episodes and any episode scheduled to be aired today.


Toggle this ON if you like to get notifications about the episodes airing. The notifications will fire on the date and time you specified in the above setting.



Toggle this ON if don’t wish know anything about this show. 60Hz will not delete this show from your library, but it will hide it from every list, so its as good as gone.