60Hz for iOS7 (v3) is out now! Check it out here.

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Stop missing out on great shows!

60Hz helps you keep up with the stories of your favourite TV shows. It is a simple and beautiful companion app that will make sure you never miss out on any of TV’s classic moments. You can be part of an enthusiastic community of TV and movie fans, take part in the conversation and discover great new shows. Be informed and stay on top of your entertainment!

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Top Features

  • Keeps track of what to watch next.
  • Integrates with your trakt.tv account.
  • Beautiful UI, completely redesigned.
  • Provides a schedule for when your favourite shows are airing for the first time.
  • Collect your TV shows and movies in a library.

There's tonnes more features!!


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This is awesome! Works like a charm. 

best in class
not only does this app look great, it functions fantastic. best in class. it connects to trak.tv which extends the usefulness further as you can manage your tv shows and movies externally from your iOS device if needed.

Excellent redesign
A wonderful redesign of the app. Worth the price to upgrade. Well done. Wish the iPad version was just a bit cheaper, but I understand that's devaluing the work that's gone into the software. This iPhone version is excellent. Very smooth and fast and beautiful.

Fast, sleek, great UI. A must have for movies and tv series lovers. ;)

I love it, it's extremely user friendly and does everything it's supposed to.