At M2D2, we’ve dedicated ourselves in building simple, useful and beautiful things. We are enormously proud of our startup of two. We love moulding ideas to products people can use every day to make their lives better.

60Hz for iPhone & iPad

60Hz is our most popular app on the App Store. It helps users track their favourite TV shows and sync with We've recently launched 3.0, exclusively for iOS7.


Like Apple Maps for navigation but Google and FourSquare for searching locations? LocationBot lets you do just that! 

notes + u

Record your lectures while taking down notes, adding pictures and links, tagged to the audio. Easily playback parts of a recording. 



Suneth + Dineth = M2D2

M2D2 is made up of Suneth and Dineth. All apps are made down under Brisvegas (aka Brisbane). No kangaroos are hurt during this process ;) 



iOS Specialist, Backend extraordinaire

Suneth works as an iOS Team Lead during the day and an entrepreneur by night. He has a keen eye and interest for clean functional UI designs. But more importantly he likes to tinker with server-side code. 

Suneth loves traveling.



UX Specialist, Serial Sketch Artist, iOS & Android Guru

Some say he likes Android over iOS but carries an iPhone, others say he his official language is sketching and that he speaks sketch better than English. All we know is... he’s called Dineth!

Oh, and he loves movies.